Issues Resolved

  • Apostrophes in object names no longer cause issues loading and creating criteria on Definitions, Definition Initiators, and Steps.
  • The Conga Orchestrate Object Batch Job is no longer mistakenly scheduled every time a user visits the Conga Orchestrate Setup menu. The Conga Orchestrate Object Batch Job is only scheduled the first time the Conga Orchestrate Setup menu is visited in an org after installation, or when it is specifically togged in the Feature Control section in Conga Orchestrate Setup.
  • An error previously occurred when multiple Process Objects were inserted or updates at once, which kicked off the same Definition and created the same Steps. Steps were only created on one of the Process Objects and the remaining Process Objects failed to have Step created.
  • Checklist Steps only update the related Checklist Step object on a Process Object. Previously, an issue occurred where a Checklist Step updated all Checklist Step objects on a Process Object and caused duplicate Steps to kick off.