Conga Orchestrate 14.62 Release Notes.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Clause is now an available Step Type in Conga Orchestrate Definitions. This Step Type allows Conga Orchestrate users to dynamically add Managed Clauses to Process Object records in Salesforce.
  • When exporting a Conga Orchestrate Definition from a Salesforce org, the exported file is subsequently given the same name as the corresponding Definition record. Previously, exported Definition files had a generic name that was not related to the specific Definition.

Issues Resolved

  • An error message no longer occurs when editing Definition's Step on a Process Object record that has a record type that is not specified in the Definition Criteria. Additionally, Definitions now display successfully on a Process Object record regardless if the record type is not included in the Definition Criteria.
  • Batch jobs successfully save and schedule when attempting scheduling a new job. Previously, a sporadic error occurred and prevented users from scheduling batch jobs.
  • Step Validation Rules allows users to successfully use a null value in the a rule. Previously, an issue prevented users from using a null value in a Step Validation Rule.
  • The Loop object now contains the required Process Object lookup field. Previously, the Loop object did not have that required lookup field.
  • Steps with Step Creation Conditions that have drill down criteria successfully execute as a child step of an Event Placeholder Step Type. Previously, child steps of Event Placeholder Step Types with drill down criteria in the Step Creation Condition did not execute as expected.
  • Conga Orchestrate users who are not the owners of a specific Checklist Step Type record can now complete the related Checklist items on a Process Object record. Previously, only the Checklist Step Type record owner could complete the related Checklist items on a Process Object record.