Conga Orchestrate 14.84 Release Notes.

Issues Resolved

  • Objects setup for use as both Steps and Process objects successfully populate new records with a subject when used as a Step object. Previously, records were created without a subject.
  • An error message no longer intermittently occurs when selecting fields for Creation Conditions.
  • Fields no longer appear in the lookup links at the top of the Step Creation criteria user interface when an error occurs retrieving a field. Previously, the selected field displayed as a link even though Orchestrate failed to retrieve it.
  • Checklist Steps with items that contain special characters, such as a colon, successfully display in the Checklist Lightning Component. Previously, items with special characters did not display correctly in the Checklist Lightning Component.
  • Tasks created from email alerts now contain the email's content in the Description field on the Task record. Previously, the Description field was not filled out.
  • Several issues were resolved for Event Placeholder and Delayed Steps regarding Creation Conditions and the proper evaluation.