Issues Resolved

  • Orchestrate now selects the correct custom Account lookup field when a passthrough is specified when using a custom activity lookup field. Previously, Orchestrate still selected the default Business_Account__c lookup field despite having the passthrough specified.
  • Generate Document Steps now execute when they are set as a child step of a Stage. Previously, Generate Document Steps did not execute when set as a child of a Stage.
  • Automated Step Types that are queued now create process instances with all necessary Step and Process Object data when the Task object is not set up as Step.
  • All fields are available to use for Step Creation Conditions on Parent Objects with child Step Objects. Previously, an issue occurred that prevented Orchestrate from displaying all available fields.
  • Users can successfully delete a Step that uses an object setup as both a Process Object and Step Object. Previously, users incurred an error messaging when attempting to delete the Step.
  • Completed Approval Steps now display as Approved or Rejected (by the owner) for all users. Previously, completed Approval Steps inaccurately displayed as "Waiting on approval" for users who were not the owners.
  • The Step Object field in Step tables on Definitions and parent Steps displays as blank for Automation Step Types. Previously, the Step Object field displayed "null - Master" for Automation Step Types.
  • Delayed Create Record Steps no longer create blank Process Instances and now display all information as expected.