Release notes for Conga Sign version 1.43.0.


New Features and Enhancements

  • Reassign signers in a Conga Sign Transaction from Salesforce.
    • Conga Sign users can easily reassign a signer from the Conga Sign Recipient record in Salesforce. Both Conga Sign users in Salesforce and recipients now have the capability to reassign signing responsibilities to a different contact. For more information reassigning signers and configuration, see Reassigning Signers from Salesforce and Reassigning Signers as a Recipient.
  • Cancel Conga Sign Transactions in bulk.
    • Administrators can leverage new Apex code in custom Salesforce solutions, such as Flows and Process Builders, to cancel Conga Sign Transactions in bulk. For more information and examples on canceling Conga Sign Transactions in bulk, see Cancel Conga Sign Transaction in Bulk.
  • The SMS Authentication user interface is upgraded and improved to provide an enhanced and more seamless user experience for Conga Sign users and recipients.
  • All native links in Conga Sign's user interface and emails are updated to
    • This ensures that users and recipients are successfully routed to Conga's website when clicking native in-app links and links in Conga Sign emails.

Issues Resolved

  • A "transaction is cancelled" error message now displays when a signer attempts to reassign their signing responsibilities in a Conga Sign Transaction that has a status of CANCELLED. Previously, the signer received a generic error message when attempting to reassign signing responsibilities in a cancelled transaction.
  • The status of a recipient successfully updates to VIEWED on their related Conga Sign Recipient record in Salesforce when they view the Conga Sign document. Previously, the status on the Conga Sign Recipient record did not update to VIEWED when a recipient viewed the Conga Sign document.
  • The new Begin Signing user experience automatically scrolls to the next assigned signature tag when a signer clicks the first assigned signature tag and chooses their signature style. Previously, the new user interface did not automatically scroll to the next assigned tag after users selected their signature style and completed the first assigned signature tag.
  • Conga Sign now translates the messaging that indicates a signer cannot reassign signing responsibilities twice when a signer attempts to reassign signature responsibility for a second time in a Conga Sign Transaction.