Deal Maximizer is a set of rules that displays a deal color band based on the pre-defined constraints set by the administrator. The deal color band is displayed right in the cart for each line item, so any changes can be in real-time. You can see the rating of the current deal and gain visibility into approval requirements ahead of time. Deal Maximizer guides you towards optimal deals that align with the organization's objectives. You can view the rules that define the various criteria of a good deal. Deal Maximizer uses data stored on the Line Item to determine deal acceptability based on one parameter or a combination of parameters.

The rules are set up based on Opportunity, Agreement, Agreement Line Item, Deal, Deal Line Item, Line Item, or Product Configuration.  The Rule Criteria Measure Options can be set as Unit Price, Annual Price per Unit, % Discount, Discount Amount, and % Margin. There are also criteria based rules that are either a discrete value or a range.

On the Cart, you can view Meta Data from these objects, in order to display the validity of the specific deal. Once the rules have kicked in and the Deal Color Band appears, you have a few options. If the Deal Color Band shows the deal as below average, you can still technically approve the deal. However, this is not the best practice as it is very unlikely that the deal will be approved. Instead, you should reconfigure the deal and structure it in a way that moves the Deal Color Band from below average to average or above average.

Your administrator must define the useDealOptimizer parameter in the URL that you have configured on the Configure Products field of the respective quote to turn the feature on or off. For more information, see "Creating Custom Buttons for Different Flows" in CPQ for Administrators.