In this section, you learn about Conga CPQ APIs which help you, as the implementer, build omni-channel buying experiences for your end users. These users can be of different personas and therefore have different buying habits. For example, they can be sales persons who are typically the employees of the sell-side organization helping users with quotes and orders. Similarly, they can be your channel partners who also assist the end users they are serving in turn. There can be direct buying behaviors as well typically done by self-service users who are browsing through your web store.

Conga CPQ APIs also help you set up your sell-side experience (admin interface) which would typically be used by your product and pricing masters to set up and administer your catalog and pricing information. Conga CPQ has a single set of APIs with a single data model that provides data accuracy across your entire organization and reduces the total cost of ownership.



What's Covered

This section is designed to provide administrators with information on the micro-service architecture that enables commerce into any part of an application.

Primary Audience

Admin users responsible for installing, implementing and deploying the Digital Commerce solution.


For a comprehensive list of updates for each release, see What's New in Digital Commerce Documentation.

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