As a guest user or logged-in user, you receive a confirmation email after you place an order upon checkout.

To set up email notification

  1. Go to Setup > Administration Setup and click Classic Email Templates.

  2. When you install the managed package, a folder named ECommerceEmailTempalates is available. 

  3. In Folder, select ECommerceEmailTempalates.

  4. Click Edit for Guest User Order Notification. This is packaged with the managed package too. This email template is being used to notify users when an order gets created from the application.

  5. Under the Email Template related list, you can view the default email template.

  6. Click Save.

This template is the default template. You may choose to edit the template as per your requirement.

  1. Click Edit Template.

  2. This template has a default component that comprises the body of the email template. The component is highlighted in the image above.

  3. To change the body of the template, you can define your own component and within this component, you can use OrderNotificationBodyController.getOrderURL(); to fetch the relative Order URL of your Digital Commerce application.

    1. Click Setup > App Setup > Develop and click Apex Classes.

    2. Browse and click to open OrderNotificationBodyController.

  1. The class that is called is OrderNotificationBodyController.getOrderURL();

See the example email below: