• Constraint rules must be working correctly in Quote/Order UI in standard CPQ
  • Constraint Rule Execution Mode in custom settings must be set to 'Server'

Constraint Rules are configuration rules that are applied to a product or a set of products during the quoting process. Constraint rules are configured for the conditional addition of a product to a quote or conditional blocker of product additions to a quote. You may see Constraint Rules popups on mouse over on the catalog page.

For example, when Product A is added to the cart, Product B may be automatically added based on an auto-inclusion type rule. Similarly, when Product B is added users may be prevented from adding Product C.

You can set up multiple AND conditions in a Constraint Rules criteria, including bundle in any of the conditions. Only ALL is supported at present. You can associate an option with a bundle along with Match in Options, Match in Primary (in case of bundles), or both. Inclusion and Exclusion rules are also supported. For example: If [Option A] AND [Bundle X] (Parent Bundle] THEN Auto Include [Option B].

Inclusion type rule is used to add a product to the cart.

  • Inclusion Rule for Standalone Products
  • Inclusion Rule for Options Products

Exclusion type rule is used to exclude or prevent the addition of a product to the cart

  • Exclusion Rules for Standalone Products
  • Exclusion Rules for Options Products

Recommendation Rules for Option Products - With these rules set up, based on your selection, you may see product recommendations.

Minimum and Maximum Product Validation Support

The minimum and maximum options configuration now work at all levels of option groups. Also, the minimum and maximum product quantity validation now work for level 1 of option groups. The product details page and the Cart details page also show validation errors for the unfulfilled minimum and maximum options configuration. The Add to Cart button on the product details page and the Place Order button on the cart details page is disabled until you resolve all the validation errors.

Behavior of Constraint Rule when configuring Include Any for Scope = Product Group or Product Family

If you configure Include Any in Constraint Rule for Scope = Product Group or Product Family, an error message is displayed on adding more than one option from the selected product group or product family to the cart. The selected option is not displayed in the side navigation bar for resolving the error. You must manually resolve the error from the Product Details page.

Validate Changes

While in Embedded mode, if you change attribute or quantity or prompt action from constraint rules on the product details page, you must click the Validate button for the changes to take effect.