The API Cache object that comes with the managed package stores record information such as Line Item Ids and Attributes metadata for quick loading thus improving performance.

The API Cache object caches the Query String and does not rebuild it again once it is cached. When changes are made in the metadata that is part of the query string, you should always clean the Api Cache object.

You must provide CRUD permission to the API Cache object. Organization Wide Default (OWD) access for API Cache Object must be Public Read/Write.

Digital Commerce has a cache in place that stores dynamic queries so that the APIs do not have to rebuild them every time they are used. Every time an API is called, the default (50) cached records are pulled into the memory proactively to more intelligently speed up the API. There was no way to override the number of cached records.

A new admin setting named APTS_ApiCacheHydrateSize is introduced to override the default batch size.