You can use Cybersource Payment Gateway with Digital Commerce to perform payments. This section describes how you can integrate Cybersource Payment with Digital Commerce.


You must have already installed the CPQ and Billing Management packages.

You must have the Apttus eCommerce Cybersource permission set.

The following four Billing objects store record entries that are used by the Cybersource unmanaged package for every transaction.

Object NamePurpose


When a transaction is successfully completed with a success message, a new entry is made in the Payment object with regards to the order.

Payment Method

This object stores the data for saving payment detail for future use.

Gateway Transaction

This object creates a new record every time a payment request to Cybersource is sent and updates the status when a response is received.

Gateway Communication

This is a child object of Gateway Transaction. This object creates a new entry for each request and response payload.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship of Salesforce objects:

To implement payment integration using Cybersource

  1. Download and install the Cybersource unmanaged package from the repository. This package includes all the related objects, labels, classes, and permissions with some rest API resources. Based on these resources the payment integration is executed through classes.
  2. You must create a Cybersource account with the following two Secure Acceptance profiles.
    1. Hosted API - This is used to display IFrame in your Digital Commerce site. 
    2. Checkout API - This is used to perform transactions by using the payment method in a silent way.
    3. Set up Payment Integration using Cybersource.
  3. Create profiles in the APTS Cybersource Profile Details custom setting. This custom setting is part of the unmanaged package.
  4. Define custom labels for the Hosted profile and Checkout/Silent Order Post profile.