You can set up multi-language support for your site. You have the following three ways to achieve this:

  • Translations from the SDK
  • Translations from Salesforce
  • Translations using Translation Workbench

Translation can be set up for the following:

  • Static Labels or text (Page Titles, Header, Footer, Tabs, Descriptions)
  • Field Label translations
  • Data translations (product, category, product attribute group)

The default language is English. You can set a different language from the User Profile.

To set a default language for a user

  1. Go to Setup > Administration Setup - Managed Users and click Users.
  2. Click Edit next to the User.
  3. In Locale, select a locale. For example Spanish (Mexico). This is optional.
  4. In Language, select your preferred language for the user. For example Spanish.
  5. Click Save.

For every new locale that you add, you must register it from the template. For more information, see Adding a New Locale.