TurboEngines is a concurrent processing engine provided by Conga that comprises various microservices that process pricing calculations (TurboPricing). TurboEngines offload the computation workload from the Salesforce platform to the Conga Flexible Compute Platform to reduce the processing time on the cart. Processing the computation workload in the Flexible Compute Platform reduces the interaction costs and the quote turnaround time specifically during peak load or large transactions.

Digital Commerce integration with Turbo engines fetches the master data on the product catalog and details page; thus highlighting performance improvements on the pricing side with Turbo pricing integration. It leverages Turbo APIs and Digital Commerce and how it can be used in your templates.

Turbo Integration is used mainly to achieve performance and high scalability. Classic config engines (client or server side) have limitations due to Salesforce platform with governor limits that prevents scaling beyond 100 SOQL queries per request or an API callout is not allowed after a DML operation. This prevents us from scaling and performing beyond a minimal complexity specially where a huge chunk of data is involved. Turbo integration are microservices that are highly performant and scalable and can serve the complex case of any configuration. These microservices are easily available through APIs leveraging these services to achieve better performance and that is what Digital Commerce is using.

By default, the Digital Commerce package is deployed in the non-TurboEngines mode. You can switch TurboEngines mode according to your business setup.

TurboEngines also provide a critical component called TurboEngines Data Sync services that provide a high-performance mechanism to sync pricing master data at regular, scheduled intervals (or on-demand) between Salesforce and the Flexible Compute Platform. Data is pushed to TurboPricing consumer endpoints and made available for processing to take advantage of the performance improvements offered by the TurboEngines platform.

The following section provides information and step-by-step tasks for integrating Digital Commerce with TurboPricing for your organization.