New Features

Following are the new feature introduced in this release:

Advance Filter Condition Capabilities

The scope of entry criteria for defining the guidance rules is broaden to introduce Advance Filter Criteria. You can combine the deal guidance rule parameters by grouping each condition with either an AND or OR connector.

Custom Measure for Deal Guidance

With this release, you can define a custom measure and use it while setting up a Deal Guidance rule. This feature extends the deal analysis capabilities of the system enabling you to create custom measures in addition to the Standard ones such as UnitPrice, Net Price, Discount Amount and others.

To ensure better control on the deal guidance setup and build specific guidance rules, you can add a custom field based on a Business object and use this field while configuring complex deal guidance rules.


When using custom measure for deal guidance, it is expected that the deal guidance popup content is also custom. Out-of-the-box display of deal guidance content will not provide any meaningful information when deal guidance is based on custom measure.

Custom Layout for Deal Guidance

Deal guidance interface is enhanced to accommodate custom-built content with a custom layout. For a selected Quote/Proposal Line Item, you can 'Preview' the custom Deal guidance interface and activate the custom page if the preview is satisfactory.

Custom Fields on the Deal Guidance Rule

When there are a large number of auto-triggered Deal Guidance Rules, it becomes difficult to identify which rule was triggered for the line item on the Shopping cart. With this release, you can add custom fields on the Deal Guidance Rule which will help you identify the constraint rule triggered for a line item.

The way it works is, you need to add custom fields on the Deal Guidance Rule such as Rule Id, Rule Name or any other field of your choice and provide values for these fields. If this Deal Guidance Rule gets executed, you can see the custom field values on Line Item.