• Configuring DocuSign Tags
    You can configure the tags you want to use in your templates that are available in DocuSign.
  • Configuring Templates
    Templates are configured in a typical way using X-Author for Contracts; however, you can add DocuSign specific markup that indicates you want to have a tag inserted in the document when it is generated.
  • Adding Custom Fields to the Envelope
    When you send the documents for eSignature, you add custom DocuSign tags to the document. You can choose to set some initial values to the fields and also fetch the updated values, if any, from the fields in the template.
  • Configuring Signer Roles
    Signer Roles enable the users to make the tagging order explicit. They can define the roles and have signers sign at specific signing place. 
  • Configuring Signer Groups
    Signer Groups enable the administrator to create a group with multiple users. This helps in sending the document to multiple users.
  • Configuring Reminders and Expiration
    Reminders and Expirationenables the admin user to define the validity ofaneSignature request. The Administrator can set default reminders and expiration from DocuSign account. The Administrator can set permissions if he wants to let the users override the reminders and expiration.
  • Configuring One-Click Send for Specific Envelopes
    Enabling One-Click Send custom setting in System Properties enables One-Click Send feature for all the documents. You can configure One-Click Send for specific envelopes by passing a parameter in the URL.