The DocuSign Services enables customers to electronically sign any type of document associated with quotes or contracts. By integrating Conga with DocuSign customers can streamline the Quote-to-Cash process, improve responsiveness and eliminate errors. The adapter allows users to obtain electronic signatures for documents associated with quotes or contracts and automatically update the status - all inside Salesforce. The integration can be used for both Proposals and Agreements.

Logging into DocuSign Services

A Conga provisioned DocuSign account is necessary to send for eSignature using the connector. A DocuSign admin needs to be logged in first; for more information on DocuSign Admin Setup, refer to DocuSign Admin Setup. If you do not have a Conga provisioned account, your admin may turn on Auto Provisioning in the DocuSign System Properties. This setting will let you provision an account using the connector.

Log in to your Salesforce org to access the DocuSign connector. 


Do not use Back button on the browser when using the DocuSign connector.

To log into DocuSign connector

  1. Go to
    If your organization is using a sandbox or test environment to access CPQ (for example, if you are doing user acceptance testing), go to instead.
  2. In the toolbar at the top of the page, click Login. The login page opens.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password, and click Log in to Salesforce.
    You have successfully logged into DocuSign connector. 

Proposals and Agreements

The DocuSign connector works with both Conga CPQ and Conga CLM. The connector works in the same way for both of the products and as a result, this guide will be generic in order to allow users of both products to use it.