You must have the following in order to use DocuSign Services.

  • DocuSign Account
  • Post-Installation Configuration
  • Add an Attachment
  • Add a Recipient

DocuSign Account

In order to send a document for eSignature, you need an active DocuSign account. If your admin needs to set up your account, please contact your system admin. If you do not have an account and wish to use the connector to provision one, please request your system admin to turn on Auto Provisioning in the DocuSign System Properties.

If your system admin has already turned on Auto Provisioning and you do not have a DocuSign account, your information will be auto-populated in the Create an Account section. 

To create a DocuSign account

  1. In Salesforce, cilck the DocuSign Configuration Home tab.
  2. If you do not posses a DocuSign account, the information in Create an Account section will be auto-populated with your login information. 


    If you have not entered company name in your Salesforce org, Company Name field will be blank. You must ensure that you add a company name to your Salesforce org before you create a DocuSign Account.

    To add a company name in your Salesforce org.

    Go to User Menu > My Settings > Personal > Personal Information and enter your Company Name under My Work Information section; click Save.

    Click DocuSign Configuration Home tab and refresh the page. You will see Company name is auto-populated.

  3. Select the I Agree to Terms and Conditions check box if you agree to the terms and conditions after reading them.
  4. Click Create Account. 


    You will receive an email with a link to activate the account. You must activate the account manually before you proceed to login.

Post-Installation Configuration

The DocuSign connector allows you to customize the user experience. You can customize your account from setting default values, associating users to your DocuSign account, configuring buttons, hiding buttons, changing document options and much more. The connector can be made to work with many sets of configurations. Your system admin will be the user that will set the various configurations. You can contact your system admin if something is not working correctly, it may be a configuration setting issue that needs to be directed to the system admin.

Adding an Attachment

You must attach at least one file in the Notes & Attachments related list for the record if you want to use only the Send for eSignature feature. If you would prefer to attach the attachment in DocuSign, then you use the Finalize in DocuSign feature. You can attach either a PDF, DOC, DOCX, or RTF file type. The connector does not rely on the Document Generation module, allows you to attach any file type into the DocuSign envelope. However, DocuSign only allows the aforementioned document types to actually be processed. 

Adding a Recipient

The DocuSign connector looks in two different areas to pull the recipients for the eSignature request. The first is a field that is specified within the custom settings. Usually, this will look at your primary contact, but it can point to wherever the admin chooses to set it. The other place is the DocuSign Recipients related list (previously called DocuSign Default Recipients). This related list allows users to add multiple recipients before they get to the eSignature pages. In order to use this list, the admin needs to allow it in the custom settings and needs to expose the list in the page layout.