In order to send a document for eSignature, you first need to have a document attached to the record. When you send the documents for eSignature, you can add the document to be sent for eSignature manually or auto attach it with the agreement. You can manually attach a document using the Salesforce attachment process, or you can use Document Generation. 

You can add an attachment in one of the following ways.

  • Manually attach one or more documents
    You can manually attach the document using the Salesforce attachment process.
  • Attach a document using Document Generation
    You can use templates to generate a document using Salesforce field values. You can use this feature only if your system admin has configured Add Attachments Enabled.

To attach a document manually

  1. Select the agreement that you want to attach the document.
  2. Under the Notes & Attachments related list, click Upload Files; under the Files related list, click Add Files.
  3. Click Choose File and select the agreement that you want to upload.  


    Ensure that you do not upload a file of size over 12 MB. You can attach a file larger than 12 MB, but because of Salesforce's governor limits, it will not be included in the envelope being sent for eSignature.

  4. Click Attach File.
  5. Click Done.

To select the documents to be sent for signature

  1. Click Send for Docusign. You are redirected to Add Attachment(s) page, where documents associated with the Notes & Attachments related list are displayed. If you have Enable File set to True in Comply System Properties, you will see the documents associated with the Files related list. If you have enabled Version Aware for your Agreement, all the documents associated with the Document Version related list are also displayed. Only the latest version of the document is included in the list for selection.
  2. Select the checkbox for the document that you want to send for eSignature. 

    All available documents are selected by default with Select All Attachments enabled in Comply System Properties. For more information regarding Select All Attachments, refer to Comply System Properties.

  3. Set the order of attachments by clicking this icon to determine the order of documents to be signed. 
  4. Click Add Recipient(s) to add recipients other than default recipients.
    Click Finalize In DocuSign to complete the document in DocuSign.
    Click Send For eSignature to directly send the document for signature. 
    Click Additional Details to configure the email, reminders, and expiration settings. 
    Click Cancel to cancel the eSignature request. 

If DocuSign Batch Processing Disabled is set to true, the maximum size of the attachment should not exceed beyond 6 MB per attachment. To add an attachment greater than 6 MB, set the DocuSign Batch Processing Disabled to false.