The DocuSign for Apttus adapter enables customers to electronically sign any type of document associated with Apttus quotes or contracts. By integrating Apttus with DocuSign, customers can streamline the Quote-to-Cash process, improve responsiveness, and eliminate errors. The adapter allows users to obtain electronic signatures for documents associated with quotes or contracts and automatically update the status - all inside Salesforce.

When it's time to obtain final approvals for a quote or contract in Apttus, the Apttus Adapter provides a streamlined point-and-click way for users to send attachments for electronic signature. Within the Apttus quote or contract, the Send for eSignature feature allows users to dramatically shorten approval cycles by quickly compiling the necessary documents, selecting the right contacts from their Salesforce instance and easily sending personalized emails. As documents are routed, the Apttus Adapter ensures that documents adhere to the appropriate workflows defined in Apttus. When legal documents are approved via DocuSign, the signature status is automatically updated inside Salesforce, and final signed documents are automatically attached to the Apttus quote or contract. With the Apttus Adapter, you have a fully secure, auditable and trackable view of who has approved your documents for Apttus quotes or contracts.

The Apttus Adapter is part of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash suite, which provides comprehensive capabilities for Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Management and Revenue Management. Apttus solutions are built on the Salesforce platform, which means that all pricing, contracts, products, and deals are managed in the world's most scalable, robust and secure cloud platform - all inside Salesforce.

DocuSign for Apttus Adapter allows an administrator to perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Configure DocuSign Tags
  • Configure Templates
  • Add Custom Fields to your envelope
  • Configure Reminders and Expiration 
  • Configure One-Click Send

Key Terminology

It is important to understand how terms are used when working with DocuSign for Apttus Adapter.



A container to send one or more documents for signature using the DocuSign system. Envelopes can contain multiple documents and can be sent to several recipients.

One Click Send

Enables users to send an envelope for eSignature without needing to go through the various eSignature screens. Users can directly send documents to default recipients or Primary Contacts with a single click without configuring additional attachments or recipients.

Reminders and Expiration

Enables the administrator to set the default validity and frequency of an eSignature request.


Locations in a document where the recipient needs to take action and provide information for the recipient.