This topic explains the steps to integrate and configure Conga Sign with Conga Platform. 


Contact Conga support to get the following information for your Conga Sign account:

  • Client ID

  • Client secret

  • Scope

  • Grant type

  • Auth URL

  • Base URL
  • Conga Sign UI URL
  • Callback key

To set up Conga Sign

  1. Log in to Conga Platform.
  2. Click the menu icon () on the top right corner, and go to Admin Settings.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Navigate to the eSignature API Connections tab.
  5. Under the Action column, click Configure for Conga Sign. The Conga Sign Setup page opens.
  6. Enter the client ID, scope, grant type, client secret, auth URL, base URL, Conga Sign UI URL, and callback key.

  7. Turn on the Default Option for Signature toggle button to make Conga Sign the default option while sending documents for eSignature.

  8. Turn on the Active toggle button to make the Conga Sign option available for selection while sending documents for eSignature. 

    When the Default Option for Signature toggle button is turned on, you can not turn off the Active toggle button.

  9. Click Save.

Conga Sign is configured in your org. To edit the configuration, click Edit under the Action column.