Releasem Added/ModifiedFeature
13.300 (May '22)New Navigation Chevrons for Approval Process Definition and Step Setup

Storing Attachments in the Approval Request Object
12.286 (December '21)

Process Visual Page for Approval Process Views

New SOAP and REST APIs for User Actions

Creating a Runtime Adhoc Approval Process DTO

Additional New REST APIs for Adhoc Approval Process SOAP API Equivalents

12.256 (Summer '21)

New Conga Approvals REST APIs introduced

New cancelApprovalsWithComments SOAP API

Email Notification Enhancement for Bulk Approval API

Enhanced UI for My Approval and Preview and Submit Approval pages

12.221 (Spring 2021)API to Submit Approval Requests with Attachments
API to Submit Approval Requests with Attachments and Comments
Status Updates for Approval Requests submitted in Asynchronous Mode
Conga User Experience Analysis
Delegate/Backup Approver Name Displayed on Preview Approval Screen
Performance Enhancements for Approval Actions
11.191 ( Winter 2020)

Approval Center
System Property to Submit Approval Requests in Asynchronous Mode
Deprecated: Sync Submit Request Threshold System Property
11.161 (Summer 2020)Ability to Submit Approvals Asynchronously
Ability to Approve or Reject Approvals Asynchronously
APIs to Submit and Cancel Approval Requests in Bulk
API to Submit Approvals Aynschronously
Attachments sent as Deep Links
Ability to use Org Wide Email Address to Send Approval Emails
Approval Sequence on My Approval UI
Send Specific Document Versions of Agreements for Approval
11.115 (Spring 20)

Support for Grouping Multiple Documents Across Multiple Agreement Records

New Submit for Approvals With Comments API

Character Limit Increased for Approval Search Filters

Character Limit Increased for Step Auto Reapproval Criteria.

Scalability Improvements

10.77 (Winter 19)

Setting Up an Adhoc Approval Process From The Admin Page

Setting Up an Adhoc Approval Process in Runtime

Carbon Copy (CC) for Each Approval Step

Creating Multiple Entries for Backup/Delegate Records

Removing Adhoc Approver from the My Approvals Page

New APIs for Setting Up Adhoc Approval Process in Runtime

New APIs for Adding Comments and Attachments to Existing Adhoc Approval Process in Runtime
Cancellation Email Sent for Approved or Notified Requests
10.46 (Summer 19)

Reassigning an Approval Request to User Group, Queue or Role

Setting Up a Backup or Delegate for Out-Of-Office

Ability to Auto-Complete Standard Approval Steps and Sub Process Steps

Ability to Make Comments Mandatory or Optional for Submission, Approval, and Rejection Action

Tool Tip Help Text for Backup Delegate Page

Ability to set up multiple entries of reminders and consolidation of emails

Ability to configure and support Reminder email template

Email Validation for Approval Comment Mandatory and Rejection Comment Mandatory

9.16 (Winter 18)Ability to Optionally Skip Unresolved Approver from the List of Sequential Approvers
9.11 (Summer 18)Support for Limiting a Certain User or Group of Users to be Added as an Adhoc or Additional Approver and Custom Query Callbacks for Reassigning and Adding Approver on the My Approvals Page
9.4 (Spring 18 SP1)

Support Added for Shield Encryption

9.1 (Spring 18)Support Added for Salesforce Files in Lightning Mode
Apttus Intelligent Workflow and Approvals Now Available on Salesforce Lightning
8.409 (Winter 17)Attaching documents while submitting Approval Requests
8.388 (August 16)Cloning Header and Line Item Approval Status
8.382 (May 16)Delegate Approver Enhancements
7.372 (March 16)Enable Resubmission
Auto-escalation Enhancements
7.361 (November 15 SP1)Approvals and Preview Page Enhancements
Approval Requests Scalability Enhancements
Clone Quote with its existing configuration
7.359 (August 15)Consolidation Behavior
Configuring Advanced Approvals for Agreement and related Objects
7.334 (May 15)Approval Policy Enhancements
Consolidated Notification Enhancements
Submitting with Attachments
Enabling/Disabling Ad Hoc Approver Capability
Reassigning an Approval Request
Delegate Approver
7.294 (February 15)

Related User Assignee Backward Compatibility Support
Adding an Ad Hoc Approver
My Approvals Page Enhancements
7.1 (November 14)

Enhancement for Approval History and Comments of an Approval Request
Support for Approvals from Communities
Consolidated Approvals for CPQ
CPQ Cart Approvals Preview from Quote
Header and Line Item Approval with Line Item Preview
6.5 (Summer 13)

Sub-Process Rule-based Approvals
Auto Escalation