Release Added/ModifiedFeature
Version 10.396 (February '24)Payment Term
Real-Time Wallet Updates

Adding Lines Manually to System-Generated Invoices

Amending Usage Assets


Changing the Status of Billing Schedule by Calling an API

Direct Credit Memo From Invoice

Version 9.2.377 (October '23)

Credit and Rebill

Configuration Required to Generate Summary Lines for an Invoice

Invoice Line Summary for Ad Hoc Invoices

Splitting a Billing Schedule

Working with Draft Usage Rating

Changing the Status of Billing Schedule by Calling an API

Splitting an Invoice

Version 9.1.345 (June '23)

Supporting billing of legacy assets

New proration method to bill round-offs

Advanced wallet drawdowns

Invoice run metrics preview

Approve button disabled during invoice approval

Version 9.319 (February '23)

Separate APIs to Create a Credit Memo and Calculate Tax for Credit and Rebill
Unrate Usage Inputs for Usage Asset Line Items During Credit & Rebill
Control the Effect of the Global Custom Setting “No Proration on Renewal”
Create Billing Schedules and Invoice Line Items Using Custom Billing Plan with 0.00 Fee Amount
Billing Schedules for Decremented and Merged Asset Line Items
Flexibility for Populating Ready for Invoice Date and Validation of Dates for "Fixed" Billing Plan
Version 8.1.299 (September '22)Configure Forecast Batch Size
Version (May22.07.22)Configure Forecast Batch Size
Version 8.0.296 (May '22)Introducing Terminate Assets REST API
Capture Forecasting Status
Enhanced Invoice Generation at Account Location
Support Delayed Usage for Invoiced Period When Wallet is Linked to Usage Products
Version (December21.07.01)Configure Forecast Batch Size
Version 7.3.284 (December '21)Introducing Additional Invoice Fee Types
Processing Order for Usage Inputs
Support for More Adjustment Types with Cumulative Range When Enable Usage Indexing is Selected
Enhanced Split Invoice Logic to Round Off Amount for Split Type Percentage
Version 7.1.274 (Summer '21)Forecast Billing at Cart
Validate Usage Reversal 
API to Delete Forecast Billing Data
Forecast Billing for Order using Forecast APIs
Version 7.1.262 (Spring '21)Generating Weekly Billing Schedules 
Generating Billing Schedules on Order Creation 
Ability to Apply Discount on Entire Contract Term
Sending Invoice Emails for Approved Invoices Only 
Limited Support for Ready for Billing Date Field for Existing Implementations
Version 6.2.251 (Winter '20)

Ability to Apply Partial Payments

Ability to Filter Invoice Line Items on Direct Credit Memo UI
Ability to Auto-Apply Credit Memo only for Auto-Approved Credit Memos
Intuitive Error Message While Moving an Invoice to Draft Stage
Ability to Generate Credit Memo for Selected Line Items from Large Invoice
Forecast Billing Schedule Button on Quote/Proposal
Deprecated System Property: Simple Discount BS Generation
Deprecated Page: ShowForecastSchedules
Version 6.2.238 (Summer 2020)Processing Large Number of Invoices and Credit Memos
API to Create Direct Credit Memos Asynchronously
API to retrieve Session Key
Updated UI for Direct Credit Memo
Ability to Specify Batch Size for the Evergreen Refresh Job
Billing System Property: Invoice Generation Batch Size
Provide Full Credit with createDirectCreditMemos API
Deprecated: Fields on Billing Preference
Deprecated: Combine with First Period Proration Treatment
Version 5.3.199 (Winter 2019)

Billing Plans on the Cart
Selecting Credit Memo Attachment Template and Email Template when Creating Direct Credit Memo
Create Ad Hoc Invoices
Revamped UI for Billing Plan Template
Forecast Billing Schedules for Smart Cart
Late Fees
Changing Billing Frequency from Standard Frequency to Custom Billing Frequency
Billing Schedules for Merged Assets
Bundle Fee Amount Distribution for Co-Terminating Options
Deprecated: Same Day Cancellation Billing System Property
Wallet Enhancement: Rating Usage Inputs with Negative Quantity
Delayed Usage: Description of Billing Schedules 
Billing Plan: Manual Asset Renewal Flow
Version 5.1.176 (Summer 2019)

Ability to Hide Create New Template Link from Billing Plan
Ability to Generate Forecast Billing Schedules for Selected Quote Line Items
Rating Usage Inputs based on Custom Price Fields
Revamped UI for Creating Billing Plans
Ability to Change Ready for Invoice Date based on the Order Line Item Start Date
Minimum Usage Charge
Billing Metrics
Revamped UI for Invoice Run
API to Create Direct Memos
Ability to calculate Billing Amount based on Contract Term
Billing Schedule Forecasts for Evergreen and Usage-based Products
Version 5.1.158 (Spring 2019)

Rating Negative Quantity for Usage-Based Products
Auto Apply Credit Memo Order
Split Invoices based on Account or Account Locations
Auto Apply Credit Memo to Invoices While Creating a Direct Credit Memo
Forecast Billing for a Quote/Proposal
Invoices and Credit Memos Emails from Legal Entity
Billing for Products with Negative Price List Items
Auto Managing Payment Terms on Invoices
Billing for Incremented Assets
Billing for Evergreen Assets
Single Billing Schedule for Asset-Based Amendments
Version 4.8.0140 (Winter 2018)

UI Enhancement for Invoice: Change Invoice Status back to Draft
Billing Plan: Non-Mandatory Payment Term
Revamped UI for Invoice Run
Billing Preference: Ready for Invoice Date Offset
Legal Entity based Billing
API to Create Billing Plans
Auto-Applying Credit Memos to Invoices
Splitting an Invoice
Version 4.7.0129 (Summer 2018)

Performance Enhancement to Invoice Run Batch job
Enhancement to Email Invoice Attachment Callback Class
Enhancement to createInvoice API
Enhancement to Credit Memo - Auto-approve option for manual credit memos
Enhancement to Invoice Run - Override Credit Memo Template
Dunning Policy for Partially Paid Invoices
Payments functionality
Early Termination Rule: No Credit on Cancellation
Proration Period Treatment - Combine with the First Period
Support Added for Salesforce Files
Processing Delayed Usage
Credit and Rebill Invoices
Forecast billing schedules on the proposal
Version 4.6.0120 (Spring 2018)

Change in Billing System Property: Billing Org-Wide Email Address
Enhancements to Direct Credit Memo Creation Functionality
Enhancements to the Billing Console UI
Enhancements to Billing Plans
Enhancement to the Invoice Run Batch Job
Availability of Previous versions of invoices and credit memo documents available email delivery
Dunning Policy
Wallet Manager
Version 4.5.0114.1 (Winter 2017 Patch 1)

Pagination on the credit memo page
Filters on the credit memo page 
Display fields on the credit memo page
Version 4.5.0114 (Winter 2017)Real-Time Wallet Updates
Billing Schedule Filter on Invoice Run
Version 4.5.0110 (Spring 2017 Patch 3)Callback Interface to email Credit Memos to a custom set of contacts
Callback Interface to email Invoices to a custom set of contacts
Version 4.5.0102 (Spring 2017)

Improved address logic on Tax Input
Calculating Usage Inputs with fractional quantity
Unique identification of different addresses for different accounts on the Invoice object
Version 4.5.0114 (April 2017 Patch 1)Improved address logic on Tax Input
Unique identification of different addresses for different accounts on the Invoice object
Version 4.5.0101 (April 2017)

Enablement of price tier adjustments for usage-based products 
Global API to view the rated amount for Usage Inputs
Global API for rating Usage Inputs synchronously or asynchronously 
Version 4.5.0100 (February 2017)

Ability to Generate Credit Memo Document using an API
Ability to Specify Batch Size for the Usage Rating
Credit Limit Allocation from Multiple Billing Schedule
Support of Usage Indexing for a Usage-based Product
Split the Billing Plan Amount Evenly
Billing Period for Evergreen Assets
Version 4.5.0096 (November 2016)Supported Proration Period
Version 4.5.0094 (October 2016)

Custom Document Name for Invoice Attachments
User Interface for Billing Plan Template
New Billing Activation Setting
Version 4.5.0094 (September 2016)A/R Transaction Update
Revised Tax Callback
Version 4.5.0091 (August 2016)

Updates to Payment Term
Revised Tax Callback
Custom Invoice Numbering
Introducing Revised Billing Schedules
Version 4.5.0088 (July 2016)

Updated Billing Console
Track Email Activity Records
Preview Billing Contacts on Account/Account Location
Version 4.5.0087 (June 2016)

New Invoice Detail Interface
New Billing Dashboard
Improvements in the UI
Revised Billing Schedule for Swapped Assets
Invoice Grouping Callback Class supports Custom fields
A/R Transactions Update using Post-Install script
Cancel Approved and Unpaid Credit Memos
Forecast Billing at the Cart Level
Version 4.0.0085 (May 2016)

Revise Legacy Billing Schedules using a script
Prevent Excess Credit on ABO Operations
Asset Cancellation on the Same Day
New Billing Frequency - 'Single Period'
Cancel Approved Invoices
Pick Invoice Date from the Billing Schedules
Tax display on Invoice Line Item
Generate Credit Memos
Version 4.0.0082 (March 2016)

Amend Evergreen Assets
Unrated Usage
Add Invoice Email Templates to Account and Account Locations
Invoice Delivery Status
Invoice Email Delivery
Version 4.0.0080 (February 2016)

Prorated Cancellation for One-time Asset
Separate Invoicing
Bill on Ready for Billing Date
Version 4.0.0077 (January 2016)

Updated Rounding for Currency Decimal Places (Multicurrency Scale)
Invoice Payment Status
Equal to modifier added to suppress invoices option 
Invoice Balance