Release Added/ModifiedFeature
8.142 (September '22)DocuSign 2.0 OAuth Installation
8.117 (May '22)Webhook Configuration for DocuSign
7.115 (Summer '21)Document Version Support
New Document Types with Document Versioning
7.110 (Spring '21)

Enhancements to Send For eSignature User Interface

New REST API for Send for eSignature

6.101 (Winter '20)NA
6.93 (Summer 2020)Apttus User Experience Analysis
6.92 (Spring 2020)NA
5.88 (Winter 2019)Smart Clause Action for eSigned Agreement
4.82 (Spring 2019)Combine Documents based on Record Type
4.70 (Spring 2018 MR)Enhancement to the System Property - Profiles Enabled for Finalize
4.68 (Spring 2018)Support Added for Salesforce Files
4.59 (March 2017)Faster Synchronous Mode for Sending Attachments
3.57 (September 2016)

Ability to load DocuSign templates into Apttus
Ability to auto-select all attachments while sending for eSignature
Ability to add private notes for recipients
Ability to associate Brand ID from DocuSign account as a parameter
Ability to utilize the default values of reminders and expiration
Recipient level emails
3.54 (April 2016)

Reminders and Expiration of an eSignature Request
Ability to return signed documents to Related Agreements
Ability to enable One-Click Send for specific Agreements or Quote/Proposal
Ability to add members of a signing group from Salesforce org
Ability to delete members of a signing group from Salesforce org
Ability to disable Admin Login for DocuSign Account Setup tab
Ability to configure Default Recipients that can not be deleted
Ability to enable Finalize in DocuSign for specific Profiles
3.51 (February 2016)Signer Roles
Signing Groups
Ability to remove order buttons from Add Recipient screen
Ability to make Email Subject and Email Body as Read Only
Updated Agreement Status in record
Ability to view the Decline Reason
Ability to remove access to Recipient Configuration
3.49 (November 2015)Ability to configure Multiple Email Templates
DocuSign Certificate of Completion
Improvement to Draft Envelopes
3.47 (September 2015)Salesforce Merge Fields in Custom Email Subject and Email Body
Ability to add a Recall Reason
3.45 (June 2015)Sending Documents for Signature with a Single-click
Default Subject and Body for an Email
Changing the Signing Order of Recipients
3.43 (May 2015)Adjusting the Order of the Attachments
Searching and Adding recipients
In-Person Signer Enhancements
Recalling a Signature
3.41 (March 2015)Recalling a Signature Request
Viewing the Envelope Status
Auto-Provisioning a DocuSign User
Viewing Esignature Document