Release Added/ ModifiedFeature
September 2022REST APIs for Document
May 2022REST APIs for Document, Admin Config, Conga APIs, and Documents
December 2021No new features. API was modified to add Insight Analysis and Management endpoints, which remain under development. 
Summer 2021REST APIs for iSearch, documents, administration, and provider configuration
Spring 2021

REST APIs for Document Analysis and Config Discovery Management

Support for queries with NOT operator
Suppressed event notification triggers for irrelevant changes
Winter 2020Event notifications
Notification triggers for all active communication channels
Summer 2020Notification control center
Mobile notifications for Contract Management
Create agreements workflow
View approval chain
Reassign approval records
Max app within Slack directory
Create NDA shortcut in Slack
Out-of-the-box synonyms in Admin Console
Action buttons along with greeting message
Enhanced UI labels and help text on Admin Console
This one action button replaced with select action button
Spring 2020Lookup approvals
Edit tenants using Admin Console
Ability to define synonyms using Admin Console
Generate quote
Clone quote
Slack connectivity
Proactive notifications
Winter 2019Max Admin Console
Lookup accounts
Lookup contacts
Submit for approval
Update opportunity teams
Question answering: Yes/No questions
Enhanced rich content support
Enhanced query handling
Contextual referencing
Summer 2019

Getting started video cards
Updating quotes
Opportunity flow
Explain yourself
Recently modified records for generic lookup queries
Spring 2019

CPQ conversational flow
Verbose mode
Send feedback to Max
Proactive greeting in embedded mode
Winter 2018

Contract Management Lifecycle (CLM) workflow
Contextual help
Sending agreements for review and eSignatures
Summer 2018

Create NDA on Apttus Omni
Typing indicator
Enhancement to hands-free voice functionality - Beta
Max proactive notifications - Beta
Max embedded in Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Mobile App
Spring 2018 MRMax embedded in Apttus Omni applications
Hands-free voice (Beta)
Version Spring 2018Apttus Omni connectivity
File upload functionality
Max embed in the Salesforce UI
Usage tracking of Max conversations

Summer 2017

Updating opportunities
Combined instructions
Taking notes for opportunity