New Features

The following features are new to Intelligent Workflow Approvals in this release.

Reassigning an Approval Request to User Group, Queue or Role

You can reassign an Approval Request to a User, Queue or Role. You can further customize the out-of-the-box behavior by overriding the Approval System Properties to filter list of users, queues, and roles from the reassign user page accessed by the Reassign link from the Approval Requests related list, and by overriding the DefaultQueryCallback class used to filter users, queues and roles from the Reassign and Add Approver icons on the My Approvals page.

Setting Up a Backup or Delegate for Out-Of-Office

As an approver, you can now easily set up your Out-Of-Office for all your approval requests when you are on leave or set up a backup or delegate when you are Out-Of-Office. You can select a time frame as well as assign someone to receive your notifications, approvals and general tasks.

Ability to Auto-Complete Standard Approval Steps and Sub Process Steps

A new flag named Step Auto Complete has been introduced to enforce auto-completion of a Standard Step and sub process step. You can set up any or all standard steps in an Approval Process for auto-completion.

Ability to Make Comments Mandatory or Optional for Submission, Approval, and Rejection Action

You can make comments mandatory or optional for Submission, Approval, and Rejection action.

New Enhancements

The following section describes existing feature that is changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Tool Tip Help Text for Backup Delegate Page

Meaningful tool tip provides help text for Backup/Delegate functions explaining the impact. At times, an Approver or Administrator may not realize the impact of setting up and activating Backup/Delegates. In order to alert the users (during the setup of records), these tool tips display help text when the user hovers over the help text icon or hint icon.

Ability to set up multiple entries of reminders and consolidation of emails

You can now set up multiple entries of Reminders in a standard approval step or a approval rule step. There is no restriction on how many reminder records you can create. You can even approve or reject a request from the reminder email. If the email consolidation is enabled, the Reminder emails along with the Escalation emails are sent to the user.

Ability to configure and support Reminder email template

Similar to email templates provided for Approval Assignment, Reassignment, Cancellation, Escalation and Notifications, a new email template is introduced for 'Reminder' emails. Although this email template is provided out of the box, you can clone and configure the email template as per your requirement and associate it to your reminder email.

Email Validation for Approval Comment Mandatory and Rejection Comment Mandatory

When Approval Comment Mandatory or Rejection Comment Mandatory flag is true in an Approval process, approving or rejecting any approval request via email without a comment bounces back email.