New Features

The following features are new to Intelligent Workflow Approvals in this release.

Setting Up an Adhoc Approval Process From The Admin Page

You can now set up an adhoc approval process from the Admin page. 

Setting Up an Adhoc Approval Process in Runtime

With this release, you can create or modify an adhoc approval process in runtime. You can also perform the following:

  • Configure adhoc approvers, parallel or sequential, save and preview all at the same time on the Preview Submit Approval page

  • Preview and save all approval requests with comments and attachments

  • Select User, Role, or Queue assignee types

  • Add optional comment for adhoc approval process

  • Add optional attachment for an adhoc approval process

  • Switch from Rule Based Approval Process to Adhoc Approval Process

  • Submit all adhoc approval requests

  • Provides new APIs to preview, submit, create and maintain runtime adhoc approval processes

Carbon Copy (CC) for Each Approval Step

You can now select CC (carbon copy) assignees who are copied on email notifications for all approval requests assigned for each Approval Step. The CC assignees are set up from a new section Carbon Copy Assignees on the Approval Process Step level regardless of the approval step type. This works for standard, sub-process, and child process. CC can be a Named User. A CC assignee is only copied on email notifications, they cannot approve a request by replying to the email. Their reply email is bounced back. In case of consolidation, CCs from all request are concatenated.

Custom Users and Queues are not supported in this release.

Creating Multiple Entries for Backup/Delegate Records

With this release, you can now create multiple entries for Backup/Delegate records. At a time, only one record is active. Also you can create multiple entries for Backup/Delegate records for different date ranges, as long as the date ranges are non-overlapping. All approval requests are routed to the designated Backup/Delegates during the activated time period(s).

Removing Adhoc Approver from the My Approvals Page

Previously, after submitting an approval request, if an adhoc approver was added, there was no way to remove the added adhoc approver except recalling the request and then remove the adhoc approver. With this release, you can remove an adhoc approver from My Approvals page directly for Standard and Sub-process steps.

New APIs for Setting Up Adhoc Approval Process in Runtime

Four new API's are introduced to allow users to create, update, read and delete adhoc approval process runtime definitions along with adhoc approval groups and their respective adhoc approvers.

  • CreateRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess
  • UpdateRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess
  • GetRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess
  • DeleteRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess

New APIs for Adding Comments and Attachments to Existing Adhoc Approval Process in Runtime

Three new API's are introduced for adding comments and attachments to existing Adhoc Approval Process runtime instances.

  • AddCommentToRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess
  • AddAttachmentsToRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess
  • DeleteAttachmentsFromRuntimeAdhocApprovalProcess

New Enhancements

The following section describes existing feature that is changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Cancellation Email Sent for Approved or Notified Requests

In case of large number of approval requests, where a few approval requests were approved and few were notified, upon recall or reject of the approval request, cancellation email was sent to only remaining assigned approvers. A new system property "Cancellation Email to Approved/Notified" flag is introduced. When set to true, cancellation email is sent for approved or notified requests upon recall. When set to false, no emails are sent for Approved/Notified requests.