New Features 

The following features are new to Conga Orchestrate in this release.

Ability to Enable Debug Logs

With this release, Conga Orchestrate provides you the ability to view debug logs for Step Creation Conditions. 

Ability to Deactivate a Step

You can now deactivate a specific step and exclude it from Process Definition.

Initiating Definitions

You can now initiate a definition and start a business process that did not meet the entry criteria. 


The following enhancements are new to Conga Orchestrate in this release.

Intuitive Error Messages for Managed Clauses 

If you are using Conga Orchestrate with Conga Contracts for Salesforce and the managed clause is not set up correctly as a step object, Conga Orchestrate now displays intuitive error messages on the definition and step UI. The error message also contains actionable links to perform corrective steps. 

Warning Message for Step Objects Missing Field Mapping

With this release, Conga Orchestrate introduces a warning message that is displayed if a required lookup field mapping is missing for the object to the process object.