New Features

The following feature is new to Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector in this release.

Email Notifications

You can enable email notifications from the Email Recipients page. When enabled, email notifications are sent to each registered recipient any time sync fails to execute or has errors. Email notifications are sent for both real-time and scheduled sync. When sync fails due to an error, an email is sent with error details. A maximum of five email Ids can be added. Email notifications are disabled by default. 


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Run History: User Time Zone

The Run History and Run History Details page now display all details in the logged-in user's time zone (previously GMT).

Run History: Sync Status

The Succeeded column on the Run History page has been replaced with Sync Status, to more accurately describe sync status to the user. Sync Status can display one of the following statuses: InProgress, Success, PartialSuccess, Incomplete, Error, Interrupted, and Unprocessed.

Run History: Sync Duration

The Run History page now displays the duration of each sync in the list in the Duration column.

Run History: Sync Type

The Real-Time Sync column has been added to the Run History page. This column indicates if the sync in question is a real-time sync or scheduled sync, and has been introduced to distinguish between a scheduled sync invoked from the connector and a real-time sync invoked as part of the Conga Quote-to-Cash for Dynamics 365 integration.