New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Recalling a Signature Request

The recall signature feature enables you to recall a signature request after you have sent the document for eSignature. Using the recall signature button you can void an envelope even after you have sent an envelope across for signature.

Viewing the Envelope Status

You can check the envelope status for a DocuSign Envelope. The DocuSign Envelope status related list enables you to view the following:

  • Envelope ID
  • Envelope Status which states the overall status of the envelope.

Auto-Provisioning a DocuSign User

Previously, if the user who logged into the Salesforce org was not a registered DocuSign user, they could not send a document for signature. From this release onwards, you can now auto-provision the users logged into your Salesforce org based on the DocuSign licensing agreement and licenses rendered to your account

Viewing Esignature Document

You can view the document you have sent for eSignature once you send it to a recipient The View eSignature Document button enables you to view the signed document for an agreement or proposal, correct any issues in the document, and then resend it to the intended recipients.