New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Adjusting the Order of the Attachments

You can change the order of attachments by using the arrow keys on the right-side column, next to each attachment. You can add and reorder attachments to be sent for e-Signature after you have enabled Add Attachments Enabled(DocuSign System Properties) and the Auto-Select Attachments checkboxes (Comply System Properties/Proposal SystemProperties). The reordered attachments will make up the final signed documents generated by DocuSign.

Searching and Adding recipients

You can search for recipients in the Add Recipients screen and add them to the list of existing recipients by clicking Add to List.

In-Person Signer Enhancements

In-Person Signer feature has been enhanced in the May 2015 release. The following enhancements have been made for the In-Person Signer feature:

  • In the earlier releases when the In-Person Signer checkbox is cleared, the In-Person Signers option would still appear on the Add Recipients page. From this release onwards when the user clears the In-Person Signer checkbox from the DocuSign System Properties, when they go to the Add  Recipients page, the In-Person Signers Recipient type changes to Signers and users do not have the option to choose In-Person Signer from the dropdown. They can still add an In-Person Signer to the default recipients related list
  • Activity History now has records created for any activity by the In-Person Signer.

Recalling a Signature

The recall signature action now provides you with a popup to inform you that your envelope has been recalled successfully.