New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Sending Documents for Signature with a Single-click

You can now directly send documents to default recipients or Primary Contacts with a single click without configuring additional attachments or recipients. Navigate to Comply/Proposal System Properties and select One Click Send. When the user navigates to a Quote or an Agreement and clicks Send for Signature, the documents in the Notes and Attachments related list is sent to the Default Recipients or Primary Contact configured for that object directly. While using the one-click signature feature ensure that you have a document added to the Notes and Attachments related list as well as recipients defined in the Default Recipients Related list or a Primary Contact for the Quote or Agreement object.

Default Subject and Body for an Email

You can now specify the default body and subject for an email that is sent to a DocuSign Recipient when a document is sent for signature. Navigate to DocuSign System Properties and in the Email Subject and Email Body fields, specify the Default Subject and Body that appears when a recipient receives a document for signature. After you click Send for eSignature, you can specify the recipients, attachments, and in the additional details section, you can edit the email body and subject to include additional details in the email.

Changing the Signing Order of Recipients

From the June release onwards, changing the signing order of the recipient, does not change the tag position where the signor signs the document. The Routing order signifies the routing order or the order in which the recipient receives the document for signature. You can add recipients when you send a document for signature. The order in which the recipients appear in the rows, is the order where the recipient will sign the document.