New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Ability to configure Multiple Email Templates

DocuSign for Apttus now enables you to configure different messages for each of your recipients. You can customize your workflow to change the messages for each recipient. You can now configure contact specific email template as well.

DocuSign Certificate of Completion

DocuSign for Apttus now provides you the ability to retrieve the DocuSign Certificate of Completion. You can retrieve PDF of the certificate either combined with your document or as a separate PDF document. This can be controlled using two custom settings, namely RetrieveAsCombinedDocument and Include Certificate.

Improvement to Draft Envelopes

A major improvement has been included in the November release. Draft Envelopes will not be saved at the DocuSign Envelope object anymore. When an envelope gets any exception, an email is sent to the users with an exception message. A screenshot of the error message and sample email has been displayed below.