New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

New Billing Rule 

This release introduces a new Billing Rule- Bill on Ready for Billing Date, through which you can generate a consolidated invoice for products spread across different Billing Schedules, on the same day. On the Tax and Billing tab on the Price List Item detail page, you can select Bill on Ready for Billing Date from the Billing Rule picklist. When you activate an order that includes an item with the Billing Rule defined as the Bill on Ready for Billing Date, Apttus Billing Management fetches the Ready for Billing Date that you have defined on the Quote/Proposal detail page and automatically sets that as the Ready for Invoice Date for all resulting Billing Schedules. If you do not define the Ready for Billing Date on the Quote/Proposal but have set this Billing Rule, Apttus Billing Management uses the Asset Activation Date as the Ready for Invoice Date.

Separate Invoicing

Apttus Billing Management, by default consolidates assets onto a single invoice. Owing to this behavior, you can send a single dedicated invoice comprising existing products, the ones undergone amendment and the ones added over time, to your customer. However, you have the flexibility to select certain parameters based on which Billing Schedules will qualify for a separate invoice generation. Till now, you had the option to generate separate invoices only on the basis of parameters - Account Location, Payment terms and Order. With this release, besides the former parameters, you can generate independent invoices for each of the Billing schedules based on the Ready for Invoice Date.

Prorated Cancellation for One-time Asset

When you activate an asset that has a Price Type of one-time, the resulting Billing Schedules now have the same Start Date and End Dates that you define on the Quote/Proposal detail page. On terminating such an asset, you can easily determine and define the Termination Date to be within the range of the pre-defined Start Date and End Date. This helps in tracking the asset activation and cancellation lifecycle. With this release, on terminating a one-time asset mid-cycle, you will see two new Billing Schedules. The original Billing Schedule will be Superseded.  Of the two new Billing Schedules, one will display the prorated amount (invoice credit amount) with status as Pending Billing and the other with status Cancelled displaying the remaining amount which now stands discarded.


Apttus Billing Management now offers reports that summarize Billing transactions over a period of time. You can run reports- daily, weekly or monthly- with any frequency you choose. To run a report, go to Reports tab, access Billing Reports folder and click the report name. You can view the following reports:

  • A/R Aging Report
  • DSO Report
  • Standard Reports

Only the data you have permissions to access, will be shown in the report. Please check for access with your administrator if you are unable to view the data.