New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Invoice Email Delivery

The Billing March 2016 version introduces a new feature of Invoice Email Delivery. You can now email invoices to your customers automatically from Invoice Runs interface or manually from Invoice Details page with just a click.

Invoice Delivery Status

This release introduces a new field ‘Delivery Status’ on the invoices. This helps you track if the invoice has been emailed to the account contact(s). 

Add Invoice Email Templates to Account and Account Locations

Multiple invoice templates are required if you need customized invoice templates for different accounts and different account locations. The information on invoice could vary from logos and images to including specific standard/non-standard information. With this release, you can add Invoice Email templates to both Account and Account Locations. 

Unrated Usage

With this version of the release, you can unrate the processed Usage Input helping you to get rid of the incorrect usage charges applied while data loading or processing. You can also unrate usage inputs in bulk from the Usage Inputs View. 

Amend Evergreen Assets

With support for amendments on Evergreen assets, you can

  • Update Price,
  • Update Payment Term and Location,
  • Update Selling Frequency, 
  • Update Billing Frequency and Billing Day of the Month.

You can also perform Cancellation on an evergreen Asset.