New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Preview Billing Contacts on Account/Account Location

Before you set up contact filter for sending emails from Account or Account Location, you can now preview the selected contacts. This will ensure you validate the filtered contacts before saving the configuration.

Track Email Activity Records

You can now track the full history of Invoice and Credit Memo emails sent to an account from the respective object's detail pages. The Activity History gives you a glimpse of when and to whom the communication email was sent. You can open a record to see the email content. You can also enable or disable the creation of email activity records with the help of a custom setting Create Activity for Billing Emails on Billing System Properties.

Updated Billing Console

Billing Console now has a link to Invoice and Credit Memo Email Templates. You can navigate to Invoice, Invoice Statement and Credit Memo templates along with the email templates for each of these document type from the Console.