New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

New Billing Activation Setting

With a new Custom Setting InitiateBillingOnOrderActivation, you can unhook Order Activation from Billing Activation. Go to Custom Settings > Order System Properties > InitiateBillingOnOrderActivation and 

  • Select this property to create Billing Schedules when Order Line Item is activated.
  • Clear the checkbox to create Billing Schedules when Ready for Billing Date on the Order Line Item is populated.

If Ready for Billing Date is set before the Order is activated then Billing Schedules will be created when the Order is Active. This setting is unchecked by default, it is recommended that you configure this setting according to your requirement right after you install the package.

User Interface for Billing Plan Template

The new Billing Plan Template interface makes it more convenient for you to create and configure reusable templates that can be applied to multiple quotes. You can define the number of installments, corresponding amount percentage and schedule Billing for each installment.

Custom Document Name for Invoice Attachments

For all Invoice documents generated in the system, the naming convention followed is 'Document Auto Number'_'Template Name'_Date. If Custom Invoice Numbering is activated, the Invoice document name will have Custom Invoice Number in place of the Salesforce Auto Number.