New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Global API for rating Usage Inputs synchronously or asynchronously

You can now rate a set of usage inputs whose Status is Loaded. The newly introduced API updates the Usage Input, Billing Schedules, and the Usage Schedules after successfully processing the rated amount. You can rate the usage inputs either synchronously or asynchronously. You can rate up to 1000 usage inputs synchronously in one set.

Global API to view the rated amount for Usage Inputs

You can now view the results of processing a set of Usage Inputs, without updating the Billing Schedules, Usage Schedules, and Usage Inputs. The set should contain maximum up to 2000 Usage Inputs.

Enablement of price tier adjustments for usage-based products

You can now make changes to the price tiers of products with Price Type as Usage. With this functionality, assets can be charged with different price tiers based on their usage date. The usage inputs are processed based on the usage date. If the usage date is greater than the date on which the price tiers are modified on the cart page, the modified price tier is used for rating the usage input.