New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Wallet Manager

Apttus Billing Management introduces the wallet manager, which allows you to manage funds in wallets through a single click. You can perform the following actions through the wallet manager:

  • Add funds
  • Remove funds
  • Terminate the Wallet
  • Renew the Wallet
  • Dunning Policy

Dunning Policy is a formalized notification process to follow up on delayed payments. The policy enables you to send multiple email reminders to your customers when they have missed the invoice due date. You can also set different email templates for different reminders.

Availability of Previous versions of invoices and credit memo documents available email delivery

You can select any version of an invoice or a credit memo document when using the Manual Send Invoice Email and Send Credit Memo Email functionality.

Enhancement to the Invoice Run Batch Job

Invoice Run now runs for an indefinite time if you do not specify the Schedule Run To date while creating a scheduled Invoice Run batch job.

Enhancements to Billing Plans

Apttus Billing Management introduces the following enhancements to Billing Plans:

  • Billing Plan UI is updated to make it more user-friendly.
  • Full Term Payment Method
  • Billing plans for Asset-Based Ordering.
  • Billing plans for changes in quote line items.
  • Custom field for calculating the amount and percentage value to 10 decimal places.

Enhancements to the Billing Console UI

The Billing Console UI is revamped to make it more user-friendly. It is also enhanced to include links for Dunning Policy and Dunning Policy Email Templates.

Enhancements to Direct Credit Memo Creation Functionality

Billing Management introduces the following enhancements to the Direct Credit Memo functionality:

  • Approving a Credit Memo updates the Total Due Amount of the invoice.
  • Approving a Credit Memo creates a Destination A/R Related Transaction entry.
  • Configurable display fields on Create Credit Memo page.
  • Ability to exclude a credit memo from the invoice.

Change in Billing System Property: Billing Org-Wide Email Address

To set an org-wide email address for all your billing emails, register the Email Id instead of the Display Name in Billing System Properties → Billing Org-Wide Email Address.