New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Ability to Forecast Billing Schedules on the proposal

With Apttus Billing Management, you can generate and display forecast billing schedules for a quote/proposal before accepting the proposal. When you modify the product configuration during the negotiation cycle or perform any asset-based operations, the forecast billing schedules are updated to reflect the change.

Credit and Rebill Invoices

With credit and rebill functionality, you can credit the entire invoice and rebill it again. This is useful when you want to modify an invoice without canceling it.

Processing Delayed Usage

Apttus Billing Management introduces Delayed Usage functionality using which you can process usage inputs for already invoiced billing schedules.

Support Added for Salesforce Files

Apttus Billing Management now supports Salesforce Files for invoice and credit memo documents. To leverage the file functionality instead of notes and attachments, the system administrator must enable files from the comply system properties.

Proration Period Treatment, Combine with the First Period

With Proration Period Treatment, Combine with the first period, you can invoice the first partial billing schedule with the next complete billing schedule.

Early Termination Rule: No Credit on Cancellation

If your customers terminate the asset mid-contract, you now have the option of not canceling the pending billing schedules and still, charge for them. With Early Termination Rule set to No Credit on Cancellation, the pending billing schedules are not canceled and no credit is provided for them.

Payments functionality

The Payment functionality allows you to capture the payment received and to apply it to a future invoice.

Dunning Policy for Partially Paid Invoices

Dunning Policy is now applicable for partially paid invoices. You can send a payment reminder email for unpaid and partially paid invoices.

Enhancement to Invoice Run - Override Credit Memo Template

Invoice Run functionality enables you to override the default credit memo template when creating credit memos.

Enhancement to Credit Memo - Auto-approve option for manual credit memos

When creating a credit memo from an invoice, Apttus Billing Management provides you with an option to auto-approve it.

Enhancement to createInvoice API

creditInvocie API is enhanced to include credit memo creation options while generating an invoice.

Enhancement to Email Invoice Attachment Callback Class

Email Invoice Attachment Callback Class is now enhanced to include email content as well. You can set the default email message in your callback class.

Performance Enhancement to Invoice Run Batch job

Invoice Run Batch job used to scan every account in your Salesforce org if you did not specify any filters on the invoice run. Invoice Run batch job now only scans the accounts that have the Ready for Invoice Date less than or equal to the Process Due date.