New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Splitting an Invoice

You can split a single invoice into multiple invoices. Splitting an invoice functionality is useful when you want to distribute a large payment into multiple installments.

Auto-Applying Credit Memos to Invoices

If you perform any Asset-Based Operations, generated credit memos are auto-applied to the unpaid or partially paid invoices.

API to Create Billing Plans

Apttus Billing Management introduces createBillingPlan API. Using this API, you can create a billing plan and billing plan line items for a given proposal. You can also use this API to create milestones for billing plan type as Milestone.

Legal Entity based Billing

Apttus Billing Management supports legal entity based billing. You can define a document template for each legal entity. You can generate all the invoices and credit memo documents for a legal entity using the template specified in the legal entity. Apttus Billing Management also supports custom invoice numbering based on the legal entity.


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Billing Preference: Ready for Invoice Date Offset

Billing Preference is enhanced to capture Ready for Invoice Date Offset. With this field, you can specify the number of days by which you want to extend the ready for invoice date. You can now invoice your customer in mid-billing cycle.

Revamped UI for Invoice Run

Invoice Run UI is enhanced with an Angular UI to provide a more user-friendly experience.

Billing Plan: Non-Mandatory Payment Term

Payment Term field on the billing plan is now non-mandatory. If you do not specify a payment term while creating a billing plan, the payment term specified on the quote is auto-populated on the billing plan line items.

UI Enhancement for Invoice: Change Invoice Status back to Draft

Invoice Detail UI is enhanced with a dedicated button to change invoice status back to draft. By changing an invoice status to draft, you can reinitiate the invoice life cycle.