New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Single Billing Schedule for Asset-Based Amendments

For mid-cycle asset-based amendments, you can invoice your customer a single billing schedule reflecting the delta amount of the amendments. Earlier, two billing schedules were created to reflect asset amendments.

Billing for Evergreen Assets

Billing Management supports evergreen subscriptions, using which you can set up a product to be renewed automatically for perpetual contracts. With a single button click, you can now generate evergreen billing schedules for an asset.

Billing for Incremented Assets

If you perform an Asset Based Operation and increase the quantity of an asset, you can now bill your customers for the incremented assets. You can create separate billing schedules and invoice your customers accordingly for the incremented asset.

Auto Managing Payment Terms on Invoices

With the new Billing System Property, Auto Manage Payment Term, you can auto-apply a payment term to your invoice. This system property is useful when you do not have a payment term applied to your billing schedule.

Billing for Products with Negative Price List Items

Billing Management now supports billing for products with a negative price list. Billing Schedules generated for a negative price list item have Category as Cart Credits.


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Invoices and Credit Memos Emails from Legal Entity

You can now send invoices and credit memo emails from legal entity-specific email address.

Forecast Billing for a Quote/Proposal

Forecast billing functionality is enhanced to generate billing summaries along with forecast billing schedules. Forecast Billing Summaries provide a graphical view of billing information for each billing period.

Auto Apply Credit Memo to Invoices While Creating a Direct Credit Memo

You can auto-apply a credit memo to an unpaid or partially paid invoice while creating a direct credit memo.

Split Invoices based on Account or Account Locations

For large orders, you can split an invoice based on Account or Account Locations.

Auto Apply Credit Memo Order

You can specify the order of invoices to apply credit memos when submitting the invoice run.

Rating Negative Quantity for Usage-Based Products

For usage-based products, with tiered based pricing, you can now rate a usage input with a negative quantity. The rated amount is calculated based on the tier of the absolute quantity.