New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Billing Schedule Forecasts for Evergreen and Usage-based Products

You can now forecast billing schedules for evergreen and usage-based products. Forecast for evergreen products considers Average Customer Life and forecast for usage-based products considers the Estimated Usage units. You can view the forecast billing schedules and forecast billing summaries for evergreen and usage-based products.

Ability to calculate Billing Amount based on Contract Term

With Apttus Billing Management, you can now calculate the billing amount based on your contract term. You can now perform the change action on an asset and apply it on the contract term instead of the asset term.

Revamped UI for Invoice Run

Invoice Run UI and Invoice Run Detail UI is enhanced with Salesforce Lightning components to provide a more user-friendly experience. You can create, edit and clone invoice run in the revamped UI.

API to Create Direct Memos

You can now create direct credit memos using createDirectCreditMemos API.

Billing Metrics

Billing Metrics functionality allows you to preview asset-based modifications without actually performing them.

Minimum Usage Charge

For usage-based products, you can charge your customers a minimum fee if there is no or insufficient usage consumption.

Revamped UI for Creating Billing Plans

Billing Plan UI is enhanced with Salesforce Lightning components to provide a more user-friendly experience.

Ability to Change Ready for Invoice Date based on the Order Line Item Start Date

Using Billing Plan Templates, you can now set the Ready for Invoice Date on the billing schedules based on the changes in the order line item start date.

Rating Usage Inputs based on Custom Price Fields

Apttus Billing Management provides you the flexibility to rate the usage input and calculate the rated amount based on List Price, Net Price or any other custom price field.


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Ability to Generate Forecast Billing Schedules for Selected Quote Line Items

You can now generate forecast billing schedules and summaries for selected quote line items only.

Ability to Hide Create New Template Link from Billing Plan

Apttus Billing Management introduces a new Custom Setting, Hide Bill Plan Template on Bill Plan. You can enable this setting to prevent sales representatives from inadvertently creating new templates from the billing plan page.