New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Billing Plans on the Cart

You can directly create a billing plan to customize your billing arrangements from the cart page.

Selecting Credit Memo Attachment Template and Email Template when Creating Direct Credit Memo

You can now select a credit memo document template and credit memo email template when creating a direct credit memo from the invoice.

Create Ad Hoc Invoices

With Apttus Billing Management you can create ad-hoc invoices. Ad-hoc invoices are useful when you want to invoice your customer for extra charges that are not linked to a billing schedule.

Revamped UI for Billing Plan Template

Billing Plan Template UI is enhanced with Salesforce Lightning components to provide a more user-friendly experience. You can create, edit and clone billing plan templates in the new UI.

Forecast Billing Schedules for Smart Cart

With forecastBilling API, you can generate forecast billing schedules for Smart Cart. forecastBilling API submits an asynchronous batch job that generates forecast billing schedules for a large number of product line items.

Late Fees

You can charge your customers a late fee if the invoice amount is not paid by the due date.

Changing Billing Frequency from Standard Frequency to Custom Billing Frequency

While performing an ABO action, you can now change the billing frequency from a standard billing frequency to a custom billing frequency defined by a billing plan.

Billing Schedules for Merged Assets

You can now merge two assets and bill your customers for a single merged asset.

Bundle Fee Amount Distribution for Co-Terminating Options

For a bundle product, the Fee Amount is now calculated based on the Start Date and the Billing Frequency of the option products. This feature is available only for Bundles that have the same End Date for all the option products.


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Deprecated: Same Day Cancellation Billing System Property

Same Day Cancellation system property is deprecated from Billing System Properties. This setting is moved to CPQ Config System Properties.

Wallet Enhancement: Rating Usage Inputs with Negative Quantity

If you rate a usage input with a negative quantity, the rate amount is added back to your Wallet asset.

Delayed Usage: Description of Billing Schedules

Billing Schedules created to capture delayed usage, now have a description copied from the existing billing schedules.

Billing Plan: Manual Asset Renewal Flow

If you renew an asset using a billing plan, Billing Plan UI auto-populates all the billing plan details based on the existing billing plan.