New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Updated UI for Direct Credit Memo

Apttus Billing Management introduces a revamped UI for creating Direct Credit Memos. The new UI is built using Salesforce Lightning Web components. Using the new UI, you also have the ability to provide full credit on an invoice.

Processing Large Number of Invoices and Credit Memos

With this release, you can now process invoices with a large number of invoice line items. You can select a large number of invoices from the Invoice List page to process them. You can approve, cancel, and move multiple invoices back to draft. You can also generate credit memos for large invoices. Apttus Billing Management submits a batch job to process all the invoices. You can also generate invoice documents for a large number of invoice lines.

API to Create Direct Credit Memos Asynchronously

With this release, Apttus Billing Management introduces createDirectCreditMemosAysnc API. With this API, you can create credit memos for invoices with a large number of invoice line items.

API to retrieve Session Key

With docGenAPIUserKey() API, you can retrieve the session key. The session key is generated for the user credentials stored in the Merge Server API Credentials. You can use the session key in Merge Service generateDoc API to generate large invoice documents.

Ability to Specify Batch Size for the Evergreen Refresh Job

With this release, a new custom setting - Evergreen Refresh Batch Size - is introduced that you can use to specify the number of evergreen asset line items to process in one batch.


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Billing System Property: Invoice Generation Batch Size

The system property, Invoice Generation Batch Size now considers the batch size as the number of billing schedules to process in one batch. Earlier, it considered the number of accounts to process in one batch. Based on the Invoice Generation Batch Size, the Invoice Run batch job creates invoices and credit memos.

Provide Full Credit with createDirectCreditMemos API

createDirectCreditMemos API is enhanced with a new parameter, isFullCredit, using which you can provide full credit while creating direct credit memos. You can now set the entire available credit amount of all the invoice line items as the credit amount.

Deprecated: Fields on Billing Preference

In this release, the following fields on the Billing Preference object are deprecated:

  • Preference Level
  • Billing Interval
  • Billing Day of Month
  • Additional Invoice CC Address
  • Allow Preference Override?
  • Allow Payment Term Override?
  • Order Line Item
  • Asset Line Item
  • Cart Line Item
  • Account
  • Location
  • Order

Deprecated: Combine with First Period Proration Treatment

In this release, the proration treatment, Combine with the First Period is deprecated. Now, Apttus Billing Management only supports Separate Period as a proration treatment.