New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Ability to Apply Partial Payments

With this release, Conga Billing introduces the ability to apply a payment partially to an invoice. 

Ability to Filter Invoice Line Items on Direct Credit Memo UI

You can now filter invoice line items based on Asset Line Items and Invoice Line Item filters while creating a direct credit memo. 


Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Ability to Auto-Apply Credit Memo only for Auto-Approved Credit Memos

While creating a Direct Credit Memo, the setting Auto-Apply Credit to Invoice is now available for selection only if you set Auto Approve as true.

Intuitive Error Message While Moving an Invoice to Draft Stage

If you attempt to move an Invoice to Draft Stage, an intuitive error message is displayed that explains why you cannot move the invoice to draft stage. This error message is displayed when you are moving an invoice that was created by performing asset amendments. 

Ability to Generate Credit Memo for Selected Line Items from Large Invoice

With this release, you can now use the Credit Memo filters and narrow down the list of invoice line items. Earlier, if you clicked Generate Credit Memo for a large invoice, you would receive Apex CPU Time Limit Exception error on the Credit Memo page. If the total line items selected is less than 6500, you can generate a direct credit memo. 

Forecast Billing Schedule Button on Quote/Proposal

The button, Forecast Billing Schedule is now available as part of the Conga Billing package. Administrators do not need to configure a button to view forecast billing schedules. 

Deprecated System Property: Simple Discount BS Generation

The system property, Simple Discount BS Generation is deprecated from this release. Conga recommends that you use CPQ Installed Product Setting, Apply Adj to Current Contract Term instead. 

Deprecated Page: ShowForecastSchedules

The VF page, ShowForecastSchedules is now deprecated. To view forecast billing schedules, you must use ShowForecastBilling VF page.