New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Forecast Billing at Cart

You can now forecast your billing schedules directly on the cart, before finalizing your cart. 

Validate Usage Reversal 

When you rate a usage input with a negative quantity, the rated amount is added back to the wallet. You can now validate the rated amount to ensure that it is not more than the consumed amount. 

API to Delete Forecast Billing Data

With this release, Conga Billing introduces the deleteForecastedBillingSchedules API. Using this API, you can delete Forecast Billing Schedules and Summaries for a proposal or an order.


The following enhancements are new in this release.

Forecast Billing for Order using Forecast APIs

All the forecast billing APIs are enhanced to forecast billing for Quote/Proposal as well as Order. Forecast APIs now accept Order ID or Proposal ID as request parameters.