New Features

The following features are new to Intelligent Workflow Approvals in this release.

Adding an Ad Hoc Approver

This feature allows an approver to add a new approval step in an active approval process. For example, if, while approving a request, the Deal Desk concludes that a quote will require additional approvals from Legal. The CFO then creates those approval steps for a quote, decides the sequence for approval, and creates a new approval step.

New Enhancements

The following section describes existing feature that is changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

My Approvals Page Enhancements

The My Approvals page has been enhanced to show the following three tabs

  • All Approvals Tab: Enables you to view all of the approval requests and approvers for an approval process.
  • My Approvals Tab: Enables you to view all of your assigned approvals which are in the Assigned or Not Submitted status. You can also add an ad hoc approver for certain approval steps.
  • Take Ownership Tab: Enables you to take ownership of and assign approval requests to a member of a queue that has you as a member.

Related User Assignee Backward Compatibility Support

This enhancement was part of the February 2015 Patch 1 (7.302) release. This enhancement supports backward compatibility for a related user. You can assign a related user as an approval assignee at the following places:

  • Approval Rule.
  • Standard Step.
  • Auto-Escalation for a standard step.

Configure a related user in the following ways:

  • To view the related users in a drop-down list, the Related user field should be a lookup to the User field.
  • To specify the related users in a text-field, the Related user field should be a text or formula field.
  • If Related User is a Text field which requires inputs, specify the user id of the user in the text field. For defining a related user assignee, you have to specify the API name of the field at the context object.

System Behavior when you specify a related user:

  • If the related user field is a User Lookup field, then the system retains the selection even when the user switches from look up to formula field. However, if the related user field is not a User lookup field then switching the option will remove the selection.
  • This enables the backward compatibility with Related user behavior on Approval Rule assignee prior to release 7.x.