New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Introducing Additional Invoice Fee Types

A finance operations administrator can configure a master list of invoice fee types and associate them to an account. When a finance operations user executes the invoice run functionality, Conga Billing generates additional invoice line items for each invoice fee type associated with the account, during invoice generation. 

Processing Order for Usage Inputs

A new Billing System Property, Usage Input Processing Order is introduced in this release. It allows you to select the order in which the usage input processing batch job should process usage inputs. 


The following enhancements are new in this release.

Support for More Adjustment Types with Cumulative Range When Enable Usage Indexing is Selected

Billing supports the following Adjustment Types with the Cumulative Range dimension type when the Enable Usage Indexing setting in selected:

  • % Markup
  • Markup Amount
  • % Discount
  • Discount Amount
  • List Price Override
  • Price Factor
  • Tier Price
  • Selling Frequency is greater than Billing Frequency
  • Selling Frequency is less than Billing Frequency

Enhanced Split Invoice Logic to Round Off Amount for Split Type Percentage

In case of Split Percentage, the last split invoice rounds off the remaining amount so that the sum of all split invoices' percentage is 100%. On the source invoice, you can see that the sum of total fee amount of all split invoices matches the total fee amount of the source invoice.