New Features

The following features are new to Intelligent Workflow Approvals in this release.

Clone Quote with its existing configuration

You can now clone a quote with its line items, including proposal header information. Whenever an account executive needs to have multiple draft options of the same quote or needs to make changes (e.g. extend the quote expiry date) to a finalized quote before sending it out to the customer, he can clone the quote with line items with or without the approval status. With this new functionality of cloning with approval status, only the status of Approved line items will be retained on the cloned quote. However, the approval request and approval request history data will not be carried forward on to the cloned quote.

New Enhancements

The following section describes existing feature that is changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Approval Requests Scalability Enhancements

The table below outlines the scalability enhancements to the current release.

Approval ProcessNumber of Line Items Supported
Total number of approval requests assigned to the user after which the user can Reassign or add an Ad hoc approver successfully.Up to 40 requests
Total number of approval requests supported per quoteUp to 225 Approval Requests
Total Number of Approval Requests supported per unique userUp to 35 Approval Requests
Total number of child process (line item level) approval requests supported per quoteUp to 200 Approval Requests

Total number of line items supported that need approvals.

(Assuming each line item will need all 5 levels of approvers)

Up to 35 line items

Approvals and Preview Page Enhancements

On the Approvals and Preview page, an error message appears if you click the Submit button twice. You can also configure the behavior of Submit and Preview buttons.