New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Introducing Terminate Assets REST API

You can invoke this API for calculating the refund amount on asset termination. When a user cancels an asset line item, CPQ calls Billing to calculate the exact amount to be refunded. This Billing API receives a list of asset line item IDs with their termination date and in response sends termination information for each asset line item. 


The following enhancements are new in this release.

Capture Forecasting Status

When you execute the Forecast API (asynchronous), you can now see the forecast status and final forecast result. If there is a failure or partial failure of the Forecast API, a corresponding message is displayed in the Forecasted Billing Options related list. The Status and Message fields are now added to the Forecasted Billing Options object to capture the forecast status and messages.

Enhanced Invoice Generation at Account Location

When you update the location of an asset line item on the Cart, the updated location now reflects on the asset line item, billing schedules, and invoice line items. When the Invoice Separately ? field is set to True at the account location level, if you update the location of assets (especially for recurring type of products), Conga Billing generates an invoice with the updated location for the specified asset line items.

Support Delayed Usage for Invoiced Period When Wallet is Linked to Usage Products

Conga Billing supports delayed usage for already invoiced period when a wallet is linked to a usage product. When you create usage inputs and process them for a period that is already invoiced, Billing creates a new billing schedule with start date and end date as the usage date.